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Yipee! About four months later, I have finished this one. It’s my first shawl and the impetus to knit it was a failed hat I crocheted. I end up pulling the hat apart after finishing and then set about finding a new use for the yarn. Luckily, the Lori Shawl was the same weight and also dual colored.

I took this with me on vacation to Japan. It was relaxing to knit on the train while window gazing. The only challenge was knitting loose enough on the k2tog that shapes the descending edge. I tend to knit at a tight gauge, so the edge curls a bit.

Now that I have a copy of the Madder Anthology 2, I’ll have to knit up the Lila Top Down or Lucinda sweater.  But for now, next up is the Agnes sweater. Looking forward to working with a thicker yarn = quicker progress.

My Ravelry Project: Ravelry.com/projects/richkait/lori-shawl

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