Hike: Bald Mountain

I had plans to go bike camping this weekend, but due to laziness and a grey + rainy forecast, I bailed. Instead, I spent my Saturday having an early breakfast at Zell’s (German pancake!), perusing the art supply store, drawing, eating burritos, and driving out to Bald Mt for a “sunset” hike. As you can see, it was overcast, but the wildflowers were still amazing in the waning light and the hike up through a fog-filled forest at dusk was eerie and peaceful.


View of the trail at our “summit” stopping point for the evening. (left) Heart-left buckwheat (right)
Magical mugwort
Heart-leaf buckwheat | Eriogonum compositum




++ Plant List ++

This is a pretty short plant list as we were hiking quickly to catch the sunset, but miss the rain.

  • Heart-leaf buckwheat | Eriogonum compositum (Buckwheat family / Polygonaceae)
  • Mugwort | Artemisia spp. (Asteraceae)
  • Common red paintbrush | Castilleja miniata (Orobanchaceae)
  • Yarrow  | Achillea millefolium (Asteraceae)

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