It is early, here in the PNW, if you are looking for chanterelles. They are out and about, but I saw so many babies just beginning to emerge. It’s gonna be a great season – so treat yourself & get out to the woods in the next few weeks!

But right now, the woods are poppin’ with mushrooms of all sorts! As Reed pointed out, we make a good pair as he focuses in on finding the chanterelles, while I’m distracted/fascinated with every-single-mushroom-that-is-happening. Pre-chanterelles is a great time to find lobster mushrooms, boletes, shrimp mushrooms, cauliflower mushrooms, & many more that I don’t even know about yet.

Chantarellus formosus are mostly what grow in the PNW – they are a separate species from the golden chanterelle due to their mycorrhizal relationship with Doug Firs (hint hint for all you beginning mushroom hunters out there). It is also Oregon’s state mushroom, NBD.

Chanterelle bounty at home. Chantarellus formosus.
Sparassis crispa | Cauliflower mushroom
Learned this one today – Suillus lakei | Lake’s Bolete
Asarum caudatum | Wild ginger. A friend of chanterelles. Harvested a few leaves to make some herbal tea at home.
Cute lil guys. Haven’t id yet – do you know who we are?
Have yet to look these guys up.
Lobster joy! Hypomyces lactifluorum | Lobster mushroom
Perhaps my favorite mushroom, Pseudohydnum gelatinosum | Jelly tooth


If you are interested in going on a guided mushroom hunt (and why wound’t you be ?!), I recommend signing up for Arctos Schools’ upcoming mushroom class. I’ve gone mushrooming with them several times over the past couple of years and I always learn so much (new-to-me mushrooms, where they like to live/ecology, + more)! Also, check out your local mycological society. You will meet interesting, amazing people with a wealth of mushroom wisdom to share. Plus, they also typically offer guided walks, foraging forays, and classes.

Mushroom Expert is an excellent online database by Michael Kuo

All the Rain Promises & More by David Arora | perfect mushroom field guide for the PNW

Mushrooms Demystified by David Arora | the best reference for id-ing mushrooms / the expanded version of ARPM

Radical Mycology By Peter McCoy | I’ve worked with Peter & he knows what’s up. Fascinating & practical read on all things mycology.

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