Esther Shorts | No. 2

Pattern: Esther Shorts by Tessuti Fabrics

Fabric: Super soft, lush rust colored corduroy from Bolt

Size: 8

Modifications: none

Finished these back in April or May, but just getting around to posting now.  I bought this fabric on a whim, essentially dragging my visiting sister in to check out Bolt (local fabric shop) with no intentions of purchasing anything. But, immediately upon spotting this corduroy, I knew I’d have to make up some Esther shorts. I’m always amazed that you can find matching thread, buttons, + zippers for whatever color fabric you might be working with!

Button + Zipper detail | Cropped tank by Simka Sol

I always get tripped up on steps 9 and 10 – so I made this lo-fi drawing to help my future self + some directions.

Step 9: Take a front and back panel piece that is already joined at one vertical/side seam. Fold it in half, with the right sides facing. This will leave the two short vertical/side seams aligned => this is the seam you want to sew together (just like the instructions say “Sew from crotch to hem …”). You will still have two separate leg circles at this point. do not sew the left + right leg panels together to create a mega tube!!!

Step 10: Now that you have 2 legs, keep one inside out/wrong sides out and one right sides out. Take the right side out leg and but it inside on the wrong sides out leg. Now align the J shaped seam (ie. the seat/crotch seams) and sew these together.

Me + Tepals. Here she makes a smiley winky dog face.

Also, meet Tepals, my blue heeler pup. She’s about 4 months old now, though she came home with us at 7 weeks! She’s a goofball/lovebug/pigwolf. I’ve been thinking about writing a post about what it’s like as a first time dog owner getting a puppy because I know I researched the shit out of it before I got her. Really I just wanted to now how fiscally irresponsible it was to get a dog when I was about to make a big life transition from full time work to full time student. We’re making it work and I can’t think of a better time to watch her grow and learn and train.


Next projects:

  • I want to revisit 100 Acts of Sewing Pant No. 1 and make matching top and bottom in an ikat or print of some sort.
  • I’m also curious about the Persephone pants and always wanting to make ALL the dresses (so many to choose from – how will I ever decide?!!)
  • Currently + finally, I am making my first Ogden Cami in white linen. Inspired to loosely recreate this outfit, I’m looking for a classic a-line skirt with a button front to pair with my Ogden

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