Doggie Bandana

I love Wildebeest‘s doggie collar bandanas, especially the use of the Arroyo fabric collection! I snagged one on sale for Teeps … full grown, future Teeps. In the meantime, I want her to get use to wearing a bandana. Tepals has outgrown her puppy harness, and with little resale value, I cut off the arms of the harness, leaving me with a buckle collar. Here are the following steps I took to make the bandana piece:

  1. I traced the Wildebeest bandana and then took off 1″ on all sides, to make the total width 10″.  I had to redraw the angles to make the 10″ width work.
  2. This is a good project to use up some fabric scraps. I decided on a chambray solid for one side and an illustrated meats fabric for the other (from Cool Cottons). Tepals is a little sausage shaped dog, so it seemed fitting. Cut each fabric to size — make sure that you cut out opposite sides to allow for the right-sides to face out on the finished bandana.
  3. Hem the raw edges, folding over once about 1/4″.
  4. Put the wrong-sides together/facing in and edge-stitched, leaving 1″ on the flat sides to allow for the collar to be ‘threaded’ through. I chose not to attach the collar to the bandana to make it easier to remove + wash, as needed.
  5. Sew a horizontal line across the bandana, below where the collar sits. This helps the bandana to fold in half, as well as keep the 2 pieces of fabric attached at the fold.

I wanted to note that I’m not including a PDF or pattern, as I based this off an existing design that is available for purchase from an awesome, small business — which I would encourage you to support, if you have the means. There are also a lot of free patterns on Pinterest (search ‘dog bandana’). A free pattern or just the measurements is a great jumping off point for drawing up your own pattern, too.

  • Amanda

    Hi! Amanda from Wildebeest here — just wanted to say this is too adorable and so so creative. That meat fabric is AMAZING and you did such a great job! Tell Teeps hello from us 🙂 <3

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